Community Cohesion in Practice

Community cohesion lies at the heart of what makes a strong and safe community. It must be delivered locally through creating strong networks, based on principles of trust, and respect for local diversity, and nurturing a sense of belonging and confidence in local people. Effectively delivering community cohesion also tackles the fractures in society which may lead to conflict and ensures that the gains that communities bring are a source of strength to local areas.

Crown Hills College provides education for all, acknowledging that the society within which we live is enriched by diversity. We strive to ensure that the culture and ethos of the college reflects the diversity of all members of the college community, where everyone is equally valued and treats one another with respect and fairness. Students are provided with the opportunity to experience, understand and celebrate diversity.

We will work towards eliminating all discrimination, on the grounds of race, gender, gender reassignment, disability, sexuality (including sexual orientation), age, religion and belief. We believe that all students, employees, stakeholders and members of our local and global community should be treated with dignity and respect at all times and we will not tolerate bullying, harassment or victimisation of any groups or individuals.

Progress To Date:

•We have written, shared and completed a transparent and unambiguous policy re: Equality Diversity and Community Cohesion

•We have carried out an audit of all Community Cohesion delivered within the curriculum at Crown Hills. This is an ongoing project and updates will be scheduled every 18 to 24 months.

•Community Cohesion is now a standing item on all Faculty Agendas to assist future auditing.

•We have designed, issued, collated and analysed an Equality and Diversity questionnaire to ascertain opinion from Crown Hills staff, parents and students. This data has been reviewed by SLT and Faculties within the school and used to inform future planning.

•We are continuing to build an extensive portfolio of all Community Cohesion activity at Crown Hills some of which include:-

Sporting Partnerships (multitude)

Connecting Classrooms (Zimbabwe, Nigeria) in conjunction with City of Leicester and St Paul’s

Creative Partnerships (The Mighty Creatives)

1)Year 9 Nurture Sculpture

2) Science, Technology and filming

One Leicester Link Project (Samworth)

Send My Friend to School (One Goal Campaign) etc…

Action Plan 2013-14

Community Cohesion

•Continue to build the Community Cohesion portfolio of evidence (link specifically to the Improvement Plan)

•Create a Community Cohesion area on the school web-page

•Monitor Faculty Community Cohesion provision (Faculty meeting agendas)

•Prepare for Faculty (school) re-audit of provision

•Gather student response to Diversity, Equality and Community Cohesion

•Through the Sports Specialism continue to build on existing projects and target new ones

International Schools’ Award

•We have Foundation and Intermediate.

•Develop an Action Plan to move towards Advanced Award

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