The college operates an integrated administrative office for school and community activities.

It is in the Office that many of the administrative routines centre.

There are normally four or five members of the support staff who operate in the Main Office.

The College Office is a business-like, highly diversified organisation which aims to support the Senior Leadership Team and all other members of staff in the smooth and efficient running of the college.

The Office is staffed in the evenings for Community Education enquiries and administration.


Our reception is efficient and welcoming to all college users.

Visitors should direct their requests to a receptionist who will be available at the enquiries desk, and who will arrange for their enquiry to be dealt with.

A signing in system for all visitors is in operation. Upon reporting to Reception, visitors will be issued with official visitors' passes which will identify them and their business at Crown Hills. Upon completion of their business, visitors are asked to sign out and return their passes to reception.

All students leaving the premises during the school day are requested to sign out, when they will be issued with an official "Authorised Absence Slip".


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The college is easily accessible by telephone: 0116 2736893 or Fax: 0116 2730413 or email:

For news letters and press releases contact the Publicity Officer email:


The college has a well-developed data-base, capable of logging, sorting, managing and presenting a wide range of useful information on students, staff, incidents, etc.

Student information is updated annually upon receipt of the ‘Data Checking Sheet’ verified as correct by parent/guardian signature.


Among other routines, the Office is the reference point for reporting incidents, accidents, vandalism and fire.

Students and staff leaving the premises during working hours should log-out at the Office in case there should be an emergency register call eg during a Fire Drill.

Students will not normally be sent home unless the Office staff have ascertained that a parent is at home and that there is no medical reason, possibly after first-aid has been administered, for not doing so.

Accident and Incident Reports are filled in immediately.

The Medical Log, Accident Book, Violation Log and Off-site Log are all located at reception.

Crown Hills Community College

Gwendolen Road



Telephone: 0116 2736893

Fax: 0116 2730413

Office Manager Mrs S. Harrison

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