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Riyaz Laher


NAME: Riyaz Laher

YEAR AT CROWN HILLS: 1990 – 1995

Teachers at Crown Hills: – Ms Simpson, Ms Green, Mr Danvers, Mr Taylor, Mr Coleman, Madam Jeanon, Ms Folwell, Mr Pollock, Mr Ladd, Ms Hewitt, Mr Gibby, Mr Bailey, Mr Mabbs, Mr Skelton, Mr Barker

Favourite Memory: – Far too difficult to choose a single memory, rather its easier (particular as you get older, when they start to blur together!) to look back at a collection of memories:
• People!…Friends and new friends! Teachers, who inspired me going above and beyond and believed in me.
• Art and Design projects, which literally took over my life.
• That new stationery set and rucksack upgrade in Y7.
• Asking myself “when will I ever use this in real life?” about twice a week (You will directly or indirectly!)
• The total downpour of rain that inevitably started during most sports days….and strangely skiing.
• Seeing what was a GIANT TV getting wheeled in from the back of the room and knowing it was going to be an easy lesson.
• Those perfect comebacks!
• Picking teams before lunch and those matches on the massive field.
• Amazing trip to France
• Starring in King Arthur and performing arts in general.
• Winning a prestigious city wide competition and appearing in the Leicester Mercury….,which I have kept until today.

Education History: – GCSE A Levels: Art, Design & Graphics, Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College Art & Design Foundation, De Monfort University Degree: BA Design Management, De Monfort University Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

Employment History: – Teacher, Finham Park School Head of A Level Design, Finham Park School Head of Art & Design Faculty, Madani High School Deputy Headteacher, Madani Schools Federation

What Crown Hills Did For Me: -Crown Hills in my experience was a school which thrived on its caring almost family ethos balanced against an endeavour to achieve excellence for its students. Crown Hills’ gave me a rounded education; an acquisition of key skills and knowledge, happy experiences, supplemented by core values that were instilled in me of respect, tolerance and aspiration.
My 5 years at the school were filled with fun, plenty of football and a few detentions!

My Mantra: -Take your dreams seriously!

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