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Saeme Qamar


NAME: Saeme Qamar


Teachers at Crown Hills: -Mr Newbold (Form Tutor), Mr Valera (Science Teacher), Mrs Malley (Maths), Mrs Mohammad (Life Skills), Mr Francis (Geography), Mrs Shaw (ICT)

Favourite Memory: – Many favourite memories – passing my GCSEs was one of them

Education History: – 2009-2011 – Attended QE and studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Economics – 2011-2015 – Attended De Montfort University to study Pharmacy. Graduated with a Masters degree in Pharmacy in 2015. 2020 – Started an online Masters degree in Computer Science from Bath University. Will complete it by 2022.

Employment History:

2013: Worked as a production operative for a food manufacturing company called Samworth Brothers.

2015-2016: Carried out a year of training in the community pharmacy sector to become a fully qualified pharmacist.

2016 – Now:  Working as a pharmacist across the East Midlands.

What Crown Hills Did For me: – I enjoyed learning from all my teachers, and through this experience I appreciated the fact that education is important to be successful in the world. I therefore decided to go into higher education. – I became more confident as a person, and I developed better communication and teamwork skills, which are all necessary for the world of work.

My Mantra:

“The career or educational choices you make in the last 2 years at school will have an impact upon whether you achieve your goals or not” – choose your higher education or career path wisely at this stage.

“Follow your heart” – do what you are interested and passionate in.


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