“We want every student to be the best they can be, thrive in the best possible career and contribute positively to society.”


We want to support our local community, by guiding our students to do what it takes for as long as it takes. By serving relevant local and global charities that align with our own community needs, we will not only strengthen community cohesion, but also instil positive and caring values with our students.

Community Links

We see opportunities for our school to collaborate with businesses, professional bodies, arts and cultural organisations, charities and voluntary organisations, colleges and universities. These organisations and groups will not only offer our young people the much needed social mobility but also help to improve the school and communities ability to share information and education.

 Parent Friendly Sessions

We need to support our parents/carers in their child’s success by working with them to enhance their own educational skills, and their expectations of their children. Although schooling is part of education, not all education takes place in school – families also play a big part in it, alongside schools.

Parent/Carer Gatherings

Every first Friday of each month we welcome parents/carers to join us to build relations and provide an opportunity to get together with other parents/carers.

We welcome you all as our Crown Hills family.

Refreshments are provided.

‘The more parents are engaged in the education of their children, the more likely their children are to succeed in the education system. School improvement and school effectiveness research consistently shows that parental engagement is one of the key factors in securing higher student achievement. Schools that improve and sustain improvement engage the community and build strong links with parents’. Goodall and Vorhaus, 2011

Free ESOL Classes for Parents/Carers

ESOL classes can help YOU to become more confident with reading, writing and speaking ENGLISH. We offer all parents/carers the opportunity to attend ESOL classes at Crown Hills Community College.

The lessons are specifically aimed at guiding you to understand what you need to know as a member of our school community, so that you are better able to help your child with home learning.

Classes will be held at various times to suit your needs.

‘Parental engagement dimishes significantly in secondary schools. Secondary schools are large, complex places, with multiple teachers with whom to build relationships, and the content becomes more difficult leaving parents often feeling ill-equipped to help.’

Harris and Goodall, 2007


“We want our students to contribute positively to society, to be the best British citizens with a full appreciation and understanding of their local and global responsibilities, so that together we can ensure that the world becomes a better place.  

We want our pupils to take on the world and not just fit into it”.

We are developing partnerships with our local and global community so that we can offer students opportunities to give back to their communities.

We are supporting charities that are relevant to our community and ones that benefit the children and families we serve.

Year 7

Environment – litter picking in the community

Year 8

Victims of War – Syria Toy Appeal, One Nation  

One Nation is a national charity organisation that responds to emergencies in countries where humanitarian support and assistance is required. They provide emergency food aid, clean water, medical aid, clothes and shelter. They deliver aid containers every month from various drop off points across the UK. They collect donations and deliver to the most-needy areas in Syria.

‘We envision a world in which access to food, clean water, education and shelter is a norm. The opportunity to live peacefully is offered to all without discrimination’.


Principal's welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the Crown Hills Community
website. In the top 12% of schools nationally, Crown Hills
blends a 70 year history of inclusive education with an
innovative, forward-looking approach to providing a state
education like no other to 1500 students from the
inner-city backgrounds.

On this website, you will find all that you need to know
about our college: its history, its values and its vision
for the future. Aspiration, Commitment and Success are our
core values that underpin everything that we do and you will
see that our success is down how these values inspire all
that we do.

Farhan Adam



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