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Equality and Diversity at Crown Hills (updated May 2013)

Pre April 2011

For a school to be judged by Ofsted to be at least satisfactory under the framework, schools were required to demonstrate that ‘due regard’ had been given to equality duties previously contained in the:

Race Relations Amended Act 2000 (Race Equality).

Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (Disability Act).

Equality Act 2006 (Gender Equality).

From April 2011 all public bodies have been under a new duty, the ‘Public Sector Equality Duty’.

The duty requires all public bodies including schools to demonstrate ‘due regard’ has been given to the ‘General Duty’ contained in the Equality Act 2010.

On the 10th September 2011 The Equality Act (Specific Duties) came into force.

These specific duties will assist public bodies to perform their ‘Public Sector Equality Duty’, requiring them to publish relevant, proportionate information showing compliance with the Equality Duty, and to set equality objectives.

Schools had to publish this information by April 2012.

Public Sector Equality Duty

The act contains a general duty known as the public sector equality duty in which a public body (this includes schools) must give due regard to the need to:

Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under this Act; by removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people due to their protected characteristic

Advance equality of opportunity between different groups/people, who share a relevant protected characteristics and groups/people who do not; by taking steps to meet the needs of people from protected groups where these are different from the needs of other people

Foster good relations between different groups/people who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it; by encouraging people from protected groups to participate in public life or in other activities where their participation is disproportionately low.

Specific Duties

To be able to fulfil the three aims of the general duty, schools and local authorities have been given two sets of specific duties:

1) To publish information which demonstrates compliance with the duty and to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination and harassment, advance equality and foster good relations. This should include what has been achieved as a result

Equality Act Information Students – May 2017

2) To prepare and publish specific and measurable objectives which will be pursued over the coming years 4 years to achieve Equality aims i.e.

To ensure equality is effectively integrated into induction for staff and students

To provide opportunities for students to share their religion and culture

To further develop strategies to promote effective student gender equality

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