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I am delighted to welcome you to the Crown Hills website and for you to consider “Why Crown Hills?

When I arrived in August 2017, I wanted to build upon the excellent work already done by my predecessor and make this college one that is based on the highest expectations of academic achievement and personal development.

On this website, you will find all that you need to know about our college: its history, its values and its vision for the future. This website will give you an insight into what it means to be a student at this amazing college; the richness of the classroom experience, the range of activities open to all and the care that we take of our individual students.

Our mission is very simple:
“We want every student to be the best they can be, thrive in the best possible career and contribute positively to society.”

There are three key values that drive this and our college’s governors, staff and students work extremely hard to live by them on a daily basis.



Be the best you can be


Do what it takes for as long as it takes


Be ready to take on the world


We want our students to look beyond their current locality and treat the world as their back garden. Every child has a unique and natural talent that is unique to them and it is our role to support and nurture it so that our students become the best that they can be. We would like our students to have the same life chances and opportunities as any student in the country.

There is Middle Eastern saying that states that actions should be judged by their intentions. It is therefore our intention to support your child to be the best that they can be and we will do everything that we can so that they can.

We truly believe and have the aspiration that a future Prime Minister, Gold medal Olympian, Oxbridge graduate and next England captain will have attended Crown Hills!

You have strategies in place to raise the aspirations of all pupils                              OFSTED JANUARY 2016


It also takes commitment for students to be the best that they can be. Commitment is often the least rewarding and difficult part of the journey that makes you successful. We are clear with our students that success has nothing to do with intelligence, skill or ability but everything to do with hard work and whether you are prepared to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

At Crown Hills we are therefore very particular about how we start the day, how we start and finish lessons as well as how well presented students are. This is a place of learning and students need to be prepared for the world of work. We have a back to basics philosophy with a focus on the little things so that the bigger things take care of themselves.

As a leading college we will support and challenge your child throughout their five years with us so that they are relentless in the pursuit of success.

Having your child attend Crown Hills is a privilege and honour we take very seriously. We look forward to a supportive working relationship with you over the coming years.


Everybody views success differently but our job at Crown Hills is more than just ensuring that your child has every opportunity to choose whatever they want after they leave us; they also need the guidance and support to be the best British citizens with a full appreciation and understanding of their global responsibilities.

We know that the world is increasingly becoming smaller but also very challenging. Your child will therefore require the resilience to cope with an ever-changing world and to cope with whatever life throws at them so that together we can ensure that the world becomes a better place. We want our pupils to take on the world and not just fit into it.

Pupils…felt ‘ahead of the game’ in terms of appreciating modern Britain.      OFSTED January 2016


The core purpose of Crown Hills Community College since it opened in 1950 has been to help students learn. We do this by developing comprehensive, detailed teaching and learning strategies that foster excellent academic progress.

Since its inception, Crown Hills has been child centred and every decision that is made is done with them in mind. We therefore take their safety, happiness and well-being extremely seriously.

We provide:

  • A strong core curriculum that supports numeracy and literacy
  • A range of learning pathways to offer support and challenge the more able
  • An innovative and stimulating learning experience

How students are supported?

Crown hills values students well-being, their opinions as well as their achievement. All students are individuals and have a variety of complex needs. Students with special educational needs and disabilities(SEND), those who are more able in a particular subject, and the majority of students that fit into neither of these categories all need support and challenge.

Therefore we employ a team that wraps around the child and includes social inclusion workers, psychologists, counsellors, welfare officers, mentors, heads of year and tutors that offer that support.

This team as well as our teachers ensure that students are protected from bullying and equipped with the skills needed to use the internet in a manner that keeps them safe, this includes an awareness of the risks of cyber-bullying, sexual exploitation and radicalisation.

Pupils told inspectors that they felt safe and that they had many members of staff that they could speak with if they needed help or support. The governing body take seriously the safeguarding of all pupils          OFSTED JANUARY 2016

The Crown Hills Way

Students at Crown Hills are taught in an environment that promotes the academic, creative, sporting, linguistic and personal achievement: this is the Crown Hills Way.

ACADEMIC- We will not compromise on students achieving exceptional levels of academic progress. We are rigorous in our teaching, whilst we engage with our students’ interests and inspire them to achieve the highest academic standards. Behaviour is exceptional, classrooms are focused and students are required to complete their classwork and the regular homework we set them, to the best of their ability.

SPORTING- As a designated Sports College we are committed to healthy lifestyles and encourage a wide participation in sports, fitness and leadership. We have student leaders that support the growth of sport and PE with pupils of disability as well local primary schools and we have fixtures in a wide range of disciplines across the county.

CREATIVE- Learning experiences are promoted across all subjects and the creative subjects themselves are highly regarded in our college. Every student has access to a wide range of creative opportunities through the formal curriculum, trips, performances and productions.

LINGUISTIC- Speaking another language is an invaluable skill in the 21st century. Our students must be ready to take on the world. For that reason every child will have the opportunity to study at least one foreign language and will also be given the opportunity to travel to France as part of their studies. For some more able pupils they will also have their pastoral time taught to them in French over the five years so that they master the nuances of the language.

PERSONAL-We really do care for our students in a number of ways. We have invested in teams around the student across the college to ensure that students feel safe, secure and confident. Each student has a personal tutor that they see on a daily basis and is the point of contact for any concerns.

Principal's welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the Crown Hills Community
website. In the top 12% of schools nationally, Crown Hills
blends a 70 year history of inclusive education with an
innovative, forward-looking approach to providing a state
education like no other to 1500 students from the
inner-city backgrounds.

On this website, you will find all that you need to know
about our college: its history, its values and its vision
for the future. Aspiration, Commitment and Success are our
core values that underpin everything that we do and you will
see that our success is down how these values inspire all
that we do.

Farhan Adam



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