I don’t send messages written in blood

I wasn’t taught this

I don’t mean war when I say peace

I wasn’t taught this

I don’t mean hate when I say love

I wasn’t taught this

I don’t mean divide when I say unite

I wasn’t taught this

“So what were you taught” I hear you say

I was taught to be respectful regardless of colour nationality or race.

I hope my ‘not standing by’ has given you the truth about a Muslim brother

When you witness crime no matter what kind

Be it with words, fists or bullets

I want to stand up!

Speak up!

Raise my voice!

So join me in solidarity to fight all cowards

Respect – Peace to All.

Written by a Crown Hills Student


The latest advice from the Foreign Office is that there should be no school visits to France until late December 2015.

This will be reviewed later in the month and we expect further advice updates then.

At the moment, we intend to continue with our planned trip to Paris in March 2016, but will continue to monitor advice given by the foreign office and if necessary

revise our plans.

We shall keep parents informed of any further advice received

Further advice from the Foreign Office can be found by clicking here

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    Sporting Fixtures

    Wednesday 25th November

    3:30 – 6:30pm Year 8 Girls School Games Basketball Competition @ Rushey Mead

    Thursday 26th November

    3:45-6:00pm Year 7 Boys Basketball Match @ CHCC Sports Hall.


    1st – Year 9 Girls Football at New College

    2nd – Level 3 Girls Table Tennis Finals at Knighton Fields

    3rd – KS4 Girls Dodgeball at Hamilton College

    5th – Cross Country League Race 5 at Brooksby College

    9th – KS3 & KS4 Boys and Girls Badminton

    9th - KS4 Boys Dodgeball at Hamilton

    All fixtures are after school and will run from approximately 3:30 – 6:30.

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